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* Continued use of the service following recent amendments signifies your assent to the revised Terms of Service. You further agree to apprise yourself of recent changes on the Terms of Service through periodic reviews of the Nyxsmmsolution website.


* Nyxsmmsolution's sole purpose is for social media promotion.

* You shall not knowingly exploit the system including but not limited to, gaining credits, exploit speed, or any other bug in a manner other than purchasing them from the website or use the regular features.

* We are not to blame if your accounts are banned for any reason.

* Nyxsmmsolution is brought to you to make your life easier with automated processes. We discourage spam and violation of the law.

* It is your sole responsibility to comply with any social network you use and any legislation that you are subject to. You use Nyxsmmsolution at your own risk.

Privacy Policy

The records of the transactions made by Nyxsmmsolution.com members on the site are kept strictly confidential and are never shared with third parties or institutions.

Your orders are shared with service providers. However, if requested by official government agencies, records can be submitted to official government agency officials.

Credit card information requested on the payment page is never kept on the servers of Nyxsmmsolution.com and the companies that serve it, in order to keep the security of our customers who upload balance to the site at the highest level.

In this way, all transactions for payment are made between the bank, paytr payment systems and your computer or phone via the Nyxsmmsolution.com interface.

You can always reach us by using the contact information below. Only the customer can access all the information that the customer enters into the system, and only the customer can change this information.

It is not possible for anyone else to access and change this information.

Creating a successful order on our website at Nyxsmmsolution.com means that you allow our site to deliver our announcements to your e-mail address and phone number.

If you do not want to be informed about e-mail and sms announcements sent from Nyxsmmsolution.com, you should send an e-mail informing the subject to our e-mail address below.

After sending your e-mail, your e-mail address and phone number will be removed from our message list.


• No refunds, the remaining balance should be used within Nyxsmmsolution.com.

• Instagram/Twitter/Facebook etc. We do not know when the services will be able to update, in case of any decrease, no refund can be made unless the service provider compensates.

For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. NO REFILL services can be dropped after 5min/1hrs/24hrs completed. (Like any time after completed) so there will be no issue of refund after the order is completed.

Live streams views have no guarantee after the live ended. We do not deal with live streams & no-refill services after 24hrs, & if your screenshot doesn't have any proof of when you captured them.

• Nyxsmmsolution.com reserves the right to take back any follower or like transaction, if the balance is confiscated, if insults or abuse against the system administrator is detected.

• If payment is made on behalf of someone else with a stolen credit card or other methods, the account will be terminated without exception.

• Your cancellation/refund request will not be accepted after the orders are entered into the system. If the order is not completed/partially completed, the system will automatically issue a refund.